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Module Service Pack Version File Name
Version 7.0
Windowing System Manager SP 2 WSM70SP2
Accounts Receivable SP 1 AR70SP1
Version 6.5
Accounts Payable AP650907
Accounts Receivable AR981210
Inventory Control IC000203
Inventory Control with ScanPac SP65IC1
Order Entry OE001023
Order Entry with Scan Pac SP65OE
ScanPac 6.5 Compatibility SCANPA65
Job Costing JC000127
Canadian Payroll EFT CPEFT65
Windowing System Manager WS650811
Version 6.1
Windowing System manager SM990205
General Ledger GL980630
Accounts Payable AP610908
Accounts Receivable AR000113
Inventory Control IC000111
Inventory Control with ScanPac SP61
Order Entry OE000112
Order Entry with ScanPac SP61
Purchase Orders PO980128
Job Costing JC000131
Retail Invoicing RI981231
Sales Analysis SA990118


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