Small Business Edition

ACCPAC Advantage Series Small Business Edition is a completely Web-based application specifically designed for growing companies that require a complete accounting and operations solution. This scalable solution provides you with the financial management power you need at a price you can afford. Like all editions, Small Business Edition is built from the same open, multitiered technology, allowing you to efficiently increase the functionality and capabilities of your software as your business grows. Small Business Edition is designed to support as many as five concurrent users, offering powerful accounting and operations management tools, extensive reporting capabilities, e-business readiness and a secure growth path.

Small Business Edition includes the accounting functions you need and use the most System Manager and Bank Reconciliation, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control, Order Entry, Purchase Orders and Payroll (US and Canadian). The Small Business Edition Transaction Analysis and Optional Field Creator and Multicurrency modules are also available.

Small Business Edition is:

Small Business Edition provides you with extensive capabilities at a highly competitive price, but it offers more than just great initial value. An investment in Small Business Edition will pay dividends long into the future by ensuring that your accounting solution evolves along with your business.

Easy to Use.
You'll appreciate the familiar, easy-to-navigate Windows interface of Small Business Edition and its tight integration with Microsoft Office applications. Small Business Edition uses Excel for all financial reports, and links seamlessly with other Microsoft productivity applications, including Word, PowerPoint and Access.

Easy to Set Up.
Small Business Edition includes wizards that make configuration a breeze and get you up and running fast. In addition, it provides tools that enable you to upgrade your ACCPAC Plus data. You won't have to re-key customers, vendors or General Ledger transactions.

A Secure Investment.
As your business grows, Small Business Edition with you. Small Business Edition provides the perfect bridge to even more powerful ACCPAC accounting solutions-ACCPAC Advantage Series Enterprise Edition and ACCPAC Advantage Series Corporate Edition-because it's built on the same rock-solid architecture. So when your business growth demands greater power, the investments you've made to fine-tune Small Business Edition are completely preserved.

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