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ACCtivity has been developing ACCPAC companion products for the past nine years and was the recipient of the coveted "ACCPAC International Developer of the Year" award for two consecutive years. The products are designed to enhance the functionality of ACCPAC and, as such, take into account real-world needs and provide high level enterprise solutions that work. ACCtivity uses the same powerful technology employed by ACCPAC to ensure100-precent integration to the full suite of ACCPAC applications, as well as to ensure compliance with their technical standards and future development.
ACOM is an international developer and marketer of advanced business solutions for EDI and XML solutions for communicating with trading partners and Internet marketplaces, and payment solutions handling MICR laser check printing and ACH transactions with electronic remittance advisors. All ACOM solutions are backed by a total satisfaction guarantee.
AGS Software Inc is in the business of developing and selling software which integrates established accounting packages with browser-based applications. This provides convenience and security for the purchaser and integrated sales/accounting/inventory and marketing management systems for the sellers.

Established during the summer of 1999, AGS Software has become a leader in the field with its innovative line of software packages by recognizing the profound impact that the Internet has and will continue to have on traditional business paradigms.

Computer Associates International, Inc (NYSE:CA) delivers the most advanced and comprehensive portfolio of software solutions that manage eBusiness. CA has more than 18,000 employees worldwide and had revenue in excess of $6 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2000.
COSS delivers truly comprehensive and competitive options for the unique demands of custom, make/engineer-to-order and mixed-mode manufacturers. Proven in our markets and with live links to ACCPAC Advantage Series and ACCPAC Pro Series Business Partners, we provide winning solutions for job shop, aerospace, machining, automotive, printing, furniture and other industries.
D-BIT Systems was founded in 1987 with the mission of developing packaged software in the PC environment. D-BIT released D-BIT Fixed Assets for ACCPAC Plus in 1989, becoming a Companion Developer in the following year. D-BIT holds Platinum Developer status with ACCPAC International, INC. D-BIT Fixed Assets for Windows was released in February 1995 and D-BIT Billing for Windows in June 2000.
Distinctive Software provides payroll and human resource software that provides you the opportunity to easily and effectively manage all your payroll and personnel costs. Integrating with ACCPAC Advantage Series and ACCPAC Source Solutions, Payroll Companion and HR Companion will help you turn your payroll into profits.
Founded in 1992, eBridge Software, Inc. provides software solutions connecting e-business trading partners. A leader in the electronic application-integration market, eBridge designs solutions that enable the seamless exchange of business documents between electronic commerce or EDI applications and ACCPAC accounting software.
Founded in 1985, Edisoft raises the bar for integrated ACCPAC EDI solutions. Products include Edisoft Merchant, ASN, Bar Code and Remote Warehousing with fully tested Trading Partner kits that facilitate access to the Global 500. Based in Toronto, Canada, Edisoft serves a growing number of successful companies throughout North America.
f9.com, a division of Lasata Software, Inc., has a 15-year history of developing and marketing leading-edge computer software products. The product line has been marketed in conjunction with more than 25 software accounting companies, and companies with ERP and related business applications. f9 allows the user to create an Executive Information System (EIS) tailored exactly to your business needs. Using macros, Visual Basic for applications, dialog boxes or similar tools, you can create a custom EIS that rivals other systems that sell for thousands more.
Groupe A.G.I. (www.abaksoftware.com info@abaksoftware.com) is a software company specializing in the development and implementation of business solutions. The flagship product of the company is Abak, an efficient project-management/invoicing suite for all types of service companies. During the past four years, we have been interfacing ABak's invoicing and expense modules with ACCPAC Plus and ACCPAC Advantage Series. Abak is a powerful strategic tool that offers more than just a project management and invoicing solution. Abak meets all your needs, including project planning, time management, expense management, project management, vendors' invoices, time banks management for employees and more. The transfer to ACCPAC is made possible through a powerful and flexible invoicing module. Integrating with AR, AP, Payroll, Crystal Reports, CS, SQL, database, Web module, ASP and more, Abak and Abak/AS focus on professionals who need a powerful, yet easy-to-use, project and invoicing management suite.
With a dedicated focus on small and growing businesses, IBM provides affordable and reliable information technology solutions to real-world business problems. IBM offers a wide range of industry-standard servers, including the new IBM xSeries servers, the recent addition to the IBM Netfinity family of Intel-based servers. IBM also offers ThinkPad products, a family of client workstations, Network hardware and a full line of software products. IBM works closely with a network of carefully chosen Business Partners--each a leader in its area of expertise--and together offers same-stop shopping for integrated solutions that not only fit a business' present needs, but allow a business to add features and functionality as it changes or grows. Ibm products are competitively priced and backed by a worldwide service organization, with financing available to qualified buyers through IBM Global Financing.
Linxsoft is a solution provider primarily developing applications that works with and expands the ACCPAC accounting product line. We focus on customer relationship management (CRM), sales automation and account receivable management.
Mareechi.com is a managed-services ASP that offers the solution for the management of your company's technology. Our business is to build and maintain your customized solution at a much lower cost that if you implemented your own. We provide unparalleled support for your technology, while giving you the benefits of industry-leading application support from trusted ACCPAC Channel Partners.
Using the Web-based application service provider (ASP) model, mBase.com provides a central data source for intelligent publishing, digital asset management and workflow automation allowing any company with Internet access to design, manage, layout, produce and distribute printed catalogs, price lists, flyers, e-commerce-enabled CD-Roms, touch-screen kiosks and sales-quoting automation tools.
MindBuilder is a leading-edge Internet-development firm specializing in scalable and secure transaction-oriented applications. MindBuilder is also the developer of eMerchant and eServer--real-time e-commerce applications for ACCPAC Source Solutions, ACCPAC Pro Series and ACCPAC VisionPoint.
Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc. (MISys) has been developing integrated MRP products for ACCPAC since 1983. Throughout the years, MISys Manufacturing software has been purchased and installed by more than 6,000 companies worldwide. The current version of MISys/2000 (our flagship Windows product) is designed for small to medium-sized manufacturers that need advanced, in-depth functionality but are not able to spend hundreds of dollars. MISys prides itself for offering software that has the highest level of seamless integration with ACCPAC accounting found anywhere. There's good reason why the ACCPAC Business Partner Channel refers to MISys/2000 as the ACCPAC manufacturing solution!
MJD Software develops and markets automated inventory tracking solutions, integrating new technologies such as bar code printing/scanning and portable computing into ACCPAC accounting software.Along with our software products, MJD also distributes bar code printing and data collection equipment, and printing consumables.
MSS Computer Systems Ltd. has been an ACCPAC Solution Provider for more than 12 years, specializing in point-to-sale applications for ACCPAC. At ASPECT 2001 our focus is ACCPAC Advantage Series. Stop by and see our new products.
Musick International is a software developer with over 20 years experience. They specialize in ACCPAC Plus and ACCPAC for Windows 3rd party products. Their product line includes commission tracking, item serial number tracking, item lot tracking, and a utility program called FixIt Plus that repairs corrupted ACCPAC Plus data files. Musick has also developed Property Manager which is a powerful easy to use accounting package designed for the management of commercial, residential, retail, and condominium properties.
Network Microsystems has been an ACCPAC Solution Provider since 1988. During that time, we have developed a range of products and add-ons for ACCPAC Plus and ACCPAC Windows-based solutions. Our Windows-based product range includes: Time Track--time billing and recording that works the way you do; First Aid for General Ledger --clean up the errors, don't duplicate them; Job Cost-feature rich and easy to use project costing. Our products offer seamless integration with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Purchase Orders and General Ledger.
OpenAir is the Web-native suite of PSA tools, including time and expense management, resource planning and project management, that integrates seamlessly with ACCPAC applications. Accessible anytime, anywhere via a PC with an Internet connection, Palm Pilot or WAP-enabled phone, Open Air brings new power and flexibility to your accounting package.
PereSoft has been involved with software development, adding value to ACCPAC Plus and ACCPAC Windows-based accounting software, for the past 18 years. Started in 1983 by Robert Perel, PereSof today services more than 450 Business Partners worldwide, selling off-the-shelf horizontal and vertical enhancements for ACCPAC solutions. The company has developed major stand-alone systems that are depended upon daily by corporations, as well as more than 20 modules that are either ACCPAC companion or add-on products. The most successful of these are the multiple-award-winning PereSoft Cashbook (more than 22,000 sites) and Cashbook for Windows (more than 2,500 sites).
Managing your data has never been this easy. Packed inside PervasiveSQL 2000's user-friendly interface is a high-performance engine, making it not only easy to use, but incredibly powerful and reliable. PervasiveSQL 2000 provides everything you need to easily develop, deploy and maintain today's most advanced client/server and Web applications, scaling from workstation through high volume Web server.
ScanSource, Inc. is a value-added distributor of automatic identification (auto ID), point-of-scale and telephony products. These specialty technology products interface with computer systems used to automate the collection, processing and communication of information for commercial and industrial applications, including retail sales, distribution, shipping inventory control, materials handling and warehouse management. ScanSource currently markets approximately 16,000 products from more than 50 hardware and software vendors from its central warehouse to approximately 11,000 specialty technology-reseller customers.
SoftKey MicroSystems is a developer of Apparel-Pac and Grid Inventory Management System (GIMS). These products are add-on solutions to ACCPAC Advantage Series and ACCPAC Plus solutions for the apparel, footwear and similar industries that use size and color grids to manage inventory, and process orders and invoices.
The right IT solution will greatly improve your business efficiency, cost-effectiveness and profitability. Our team of IT professionals is dedicated to making that happen for you. Stone Forst IT (SFIT) offers you integrated IT solutions. From accounting, system consulting and development, retail management to networking services, our four IT divisions work closely to provide you with one point of contact for your IT business needs. We add value to your technology investment by providing consultancy, implementation, training, and reliable after-sales service. SFIT was established in 1986 to provide clients with value-added IT business solutions. Since then, more than 1,000 organizations have benefited from our expertise and experience. SFIT is a division of Chio Lim Stone Forest, a professional business services group offering value-added services such as business consulting, payroll processing, human resource administration, expense processing and accounting services.
Tenrox's Projeca Suite is a completely integrated and totally Web and wireless-based professional-service automation (PSA) and change-management application. The suite includes: Office Timesheet, Expense, InChange, Invoice and Skill. Projeca improves and helps standardize internal business processes by automating paper-intensive procedures, and tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks.
Technisoft is an Internationally Certified Business Development Partner for ACCPAC International a subsidiary of Computer Associates a world leader in integrated accounting systems. Technisoft's primary area of expertise is in the area of Service Management for the PC based ACCPAC Computer Accounting and Financial range of products. In partnership with Computer Associates, the product Service Manager was created to fill this market niche. Technisoft not only develops software for the ACCPAC environment, but also provides additional services such as data repairs, consulting, modifications, training, and seminars.
We provide organizations with fully integrated, completely Web, wireless or desktop based Enterprise Optimization software and services. We deliver reliable, affordable, quickly deployable, and feature rich web based software. Our solutions provide the tracking of actuals, as well as, auditing and budgeting capabilities which bridge the gap between ERP, Project Management, Payroll and Accounting applications to provide a quicker return on investment for project and service oriented organizations worldwide.
UniDevCo is an independent software developer specializing in operations - Inventory Control, Sales and Purchasing. Our extensive range of products and add-ins help broaden the scope of ACCPAC. We also specialize in custom development and modifications to existing ACCPAC programs to tailor its use to clients with specific needs.
For 10 years, Wellspring Software has developed software to print ACCPAC accounting forms. Laser-printed forms on blank stock make printing easier, faster and more secure than using traditional pre-printed forma. PrintBoss prints standard forms and custom forms, all with standard ACCPAC keystrokes. Forms may include logos or other special graphics including security-protected signatures.
WorthIT Software's mission is to create software solutions that redefine the way companies manage their fixed assets. WorthIT Fixed Assets is a comprehensive, user-friendly, all-encompassing fixed-assets management system. The WorthIT/ACCPAC interface transfers account, business unit and vendor information, as well as fixed-asset purchase orders from ACCPAC to WorthIT Fixed Assets. Users are also to ACCPAC. Help your clients improve their bottom line with a WorthIT Fixed Assets Solution! WorthIT Lease Manager and WorthIT Lease Analyzer are also available.

For more information please contact us at info@altitudeinfo.com or phone (604) 598-8480.

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