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Server-based Voice and Fax Messaging

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ACCPAC Messenger
Unified Communications (Network Voice, Fax and Text Messaging)

Messenger is a client server based solution that integrates voice messaging and faxing to your computer network. Users receive and manage voice and fax messages from their PC, Outlook or telephone interface. The system improves employee productivity by allowing users to send and receive voice and fax messages from a common in-box and has several alerting and forwarding capabilities. The system supports Windows 2000 or 2003 Server and Windows 2000 or XP desktops. Three applications included in this product are; voice messaging, internet faxing and wireless text messaging.

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Network Faxing

FAXserve is advanced a network fax solution that enables users to "print-to-fax" and receive faxes directly to their PCs or as a e-mail attachment. Users can store faxes as electronic files, broadcast faxes, keep commonly used numbers in an address book and share fax lines with other users on the network.

With essential cost-cutting functionality, powerful features FAXserve reduces paper, toner and telecom costs while providing integration to Windows applications and e-mail systems. FAXserve is an ideal tool for today's competitive business environment. Supports Microsoft NT/2000 and Novell operating systems. E-mail integration to Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise or any SMTP based messaging system.

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Desktop Voice and Fax Messaging

Simply Messenger PRO
Desktop Faxing and Voice Messaging

Simply Messenger (previously Simply BitWare and Simply BitFax) is single user desktop solution that integrates faxing, voice mail, and paging to a desktop PC.For personal and light business use, Simply Messenger is a feature rich product allowing users to "print-to-fax" and can turn their PC into a telephone answering machine. Using a phone line and modem or the Internet faxing service users can send and receive faxes from their PC. Voice features require a phone line and voice modem. Simply Messenger PRO has over 100 standard features and integrates with Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP operating systems and provides e-mail integration to Outlook 98, Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002 (XP).

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Which product is right for you?

Product Comparison Chart

Product Feature
ACCPAC Messenger(Server Edition)
FAXserve(Server Edition)
Simply Messenger PRO(Desktop Edition)
View fax from PC
Fax broadcasting
Internet Fax(Fax over IP)
PC Desktop Solution
Client Server Solution
Exchange Server Integration

FAXserve for Exchange
GroupWise Integration

FAXserve for Exchange
Lotus Notes IntegrationFax via SMTP

Universal E-mail Gateway
Unified Voice / Fax Messaging
Telephone System Integration
Wireless Text Messaging

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