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The Complete Business-to-Everyone E-Commerce Solution.

ACCPAC eTransact is a complete Web store solution that integrates closely and easily with ACCPAC End-to-End E-Business Solutions. This powerful package provides businesses with powerful business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce capabilities in a single, robust, and easy-to-use business-to-everyone (B2E) solution.

eTransact makes your e-commerce transition easy by providing out-of-the-box integration with your ACCPAC accounting system, adaptability to the way you do business today, and flexible deployment options. And, of course, eTransact offers all the customization features you expect from a premier Web store solution.

Easily build a Web store that plugs into your ACCPAC accounting solution.

- Present the information you want, the way you want it, with user-definable synchronization between your Web store and your ACCPAC data.
- Authorize transactions from ACCPAC customers automatically and register new Web customers instantly.
- Access existing pricing, terms, and discounts for Web purchases made by established customers.
- Process Web orders automatically by interacting with ACCPAC Order Entry.
- Build your Web store fast using customizable Web store templates and themes.
- Create a unique look for your Web store using industry-standard tools.

For more information please contact us at info@altitudeinfo.com or phone (604) 598-8480.


eTransact delivers

Integration – eTransact integrates with the complete line of ACCPAC End-to-End E-Business Solutions out of the box, allowing your business to avoid the huge investments required with most e-commerce products. eTransact goes beyond simply allowing you to maintain your inventory item data in one location. This tight integration allows you to maintain all your business data centrally and automatically update your Web store when changes are made to your back-office data.

Adaptability – eTransact adapts to the way you do business today, enabling you to extend and evolve your business into an e-business without having to reinvent the business practices that have served your business well for years. It understands the unique business relationship you maintain with each customer, including payment terms and special pricing. You have control over which categories and items will be available in your Web store and which customers will have access to them.

Flexible deployment – eTransact may be hosted at ACCPAC Online or deployed internally. This allows you to select the deployment option that best meets your business' needs and budget. These flexible deployment options allow your business to avoid the significant financial and time investments related to new hardware and network purchases and maintenance; they also serve to get your e-business up and running fast.

Affordability – eTransact is a powerful, integrated, adaptable, flexible e-commerce solution that's priced within the reach of all small and medium-sized businesses. Comparable solutions offering true back-office integration can cost tens of thousands of dollars more than eTransact. Your initial investment in eTransact will pay you back many times over, lowering your transaction costs, enabling you to improve customer service, reducing your technology maintenance costs, and more.

Ease of use – Both your staff and your customers will appreciate features that make your eTransact Web store easy to set up, easy to maintain, and easy to use. For your company

eTransact is easy to set up and maintain using industry-standard Web tools. If your staff can do your accounting, they can manage the customer and inventory data for your Web store with ease. With a minimal investment in tools and training, your business will be able to implement a robust B2E solution.

For your customers
eTransact makes your site easy for your customers to use. You can illustrate your products and services more completely and provide an interactive experience that can increase sales. The navigation elements of your eTransact Web store – including full search and help functions – allow your customers to intuitively find the items they need. Customers can access your site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You never have to close shop.

Powerful Web store management – eTransact's powerful Web store management features enable you to present your business, on the Web, exactly the way you want it, safely and securely. The many different Web store templates and themes included in eTransact make it easy to create a Web store that fits your company’s image. However, eTransact doesn’t stop at just look and feel. Through eTransact’s powerful integration capabilities, you can present your current inventory items in new categories with additional expanded descriptions in the Web store without sacrificing data integrity.


Integrates with:

- ACCPAC Advantage Series, Enterprise Edition, Corporate Edition and Discovery Edition version 4.1 and higher
- ACCPAC Plus Accounting, version 6.1 and higher
- ACCPAC Pro Series, Enterprise Edition and Small Business Edition version 6.5 and higher

Deployment options:

- If you are running ACCPAC Advantage Series or ACCPAC Plus Accounting on your own system, you may purchase eTransact for deployment internally, or we can host eTransact for you.
- If we are hosting Advantage Series for you through our ACCPAC Online Hosting Services , we can also host eTransact for you.
- If you are running Simply Accounting on your own system, we can host eTransact for you.

Flexible Web Store Item Management

- Select which items get transferred to the Web store from within ACCPAC Inventory Control (IC)
- Assign items to multiple Web categories
- Automatically generate additional fields as necessary
- Create extended descriptions delivering more information to the Web shopper
- Attach graphics, audio, video, and multimedia objects, enhancing the Web shopper’s experience
- Optionally restrict customer access to items on their ACCPAC price list
- Extend powerful ACCPAC discount and sales pricing features to your Web store
- Easily change password, open/close your store, view orders, edit order status, create admin accounts, create security groups and display order statistics
- Display unlimited text and graphics in the notes section of the item drilldown

Unique Web Store Categories

- Create Web categories based on existing ACCPAC IC categories
- Create an unlimited number of additional Web categories
- Combine multiple ACCPAC categories into a single Web category - Create subcategory relationships, enabling drilldown capabilities
- Attach a unique banner, logo, index, or body file to specific Web categories

Manage Web Customers

- Identify existing ACCPAC Accounts Receivable (AR) customers via login ID, password, and prompt
- Transfer authorized customer billing and ship-to information to the Web to offer improved customer service
- Calculate appropriate item pricing via IC price list assignment and ACCPAC’s pricing matrix, ensuring your customer receives the proper price - Track and identify Web customers regardless of whether they exist in ACCPAC AR

Powerful Shopping Functionalities

- Shopper option to allow partial shipments
- Flexible item selection through category and item drilldown, definable search options, and item pick lists
- Multiple predefined freight calculation methods with the ability to define custom calculations

Essential Checkout and Purchasing Capabilities

- Remove item and/or change purchase quantity option
- Generate Web order notifications online, preventing missed shipments and fraud
- Verify/enter billing and ship-to addresses if the Web shopper is an established Web customer
- Ability to select shipping method and approve presented charges
- Automatic sales tax calculation
- Select payment via credit card or terms, if appropriate
- E-mail notifications for order confirmation and order shipment
- Process credit card purchases online
- Easily customize order confirmation, shipment notification and order rejection notification forms with a text or HTML editor

Create Unique Look Quickly and Easily

- More than 60 predefined Web store templates, including themes and styles
- Fully customizable Web store via the use of HTML and designated programming entry point.

For more information please contact us at info@altitudeinfo.com or phone (604) 598-8480.

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