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COSS Manufacturing Software

Modeled and designed to enhance a business process flow that integrates the company functions from the beginning of the customer contact, the order receipt through processing and all supporting functions to the measure of the company performance and accounting.

COSS Manufacturing

COSS is comprised of the core manufacturing product, allows for enhancement through the advanced modules and provides optional Modules that include a wide range of solutions from data collection for job costing and time & attendance and much more. Feature rich and easy to use was our design prerogative such that the appropriate users can integrate the product into their day to day environment and embrace them into their environment.

Integrated Modules

COSS integrated modules push information from each respective module into the central database that then can be used by all modules for their respective use. This eliminates data duplication and re-entry. It streamlines activities and saves time with the easy access and flow of information from one part of the organization to another

From Estimating and Configurator...

Starting with the customer contact and estimating/bidding step the estimating module or configurator assists in calculating and managing the estimate process to the customer. Once the Job is received Sales Orders capture the Sale and sets the requirements for production processes.

The job/work-order and process planning module inherits information from the estimating module and details the shop process information. Together with data collection, advanced planning and scheduling and employee tracking modules the job is moved through the production process in an efficient manner with information up-to-date and available at all times.

Reports are available for all aspects of functions, such as performance measurements, customer inquiries and decision making requirements.

...to Inventory Control and Accounting

Full integration with Inventory control manages raw material flow; but more so, allows for finished goods and intermediate component management in addition to finished goods management and shipment. Additional functions like time & attendance and preventive maintenance allows to use all the data for peripheral yet important functions.

Sophisticated accounting is available through the integration to ACCPAC Advantage and ACCPAC Pro Series to provide a feature rich yet easy to use system with functionality and capability to accommodate corporate needs and even aggressive growth plans.

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