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Exchange Components

The components of ACCPAC Exchange include:

- ACCPAC Exchange Transaction Manager – Transaction Manager is the engine that drives the exchange of EDI data. Transaction Manager contains configuration information and translation tables that facilitate the transfer of business information between accounting applications and EDI files. It ensures that documents are properly audited and written to the appropriate database, and that all transactions are represented in history. Transaction Manager can be used in batch or real-time mode.

EDI Translator – For inbound EDI documents, the Translator receives the document from the communication software; verifies the integrity of the EDI file; identifies the EDI standard the document is wrapped in; unwraps the document; optionally sends out a functional acknowledgment (997) to the trading partner and sends the data file to the Mapper. For outbound EDI documents, the Translator receives the data file from the Mapper; wraps an EDI envelope around the data file and sends the EDI document to the communication software.

Mapper – The Mapper provides an intelligent method for matching EDI documents to accounting application business documents, thus overcoming the inherent incompatibilities caused by proprietary data formats. The Mapper uses a map database that contains definitions, map files and schemas that allow it to process documents in varied formats such as EDI or XML. These maps and definitions help locate pieces of information, such as a Customer PO Number, in an EDI file.

Application Integrator – Application Adaptor is an application-specific component that governs interaction with the ACCPAC Advantage Series or ACCPAC Pro Series database, including database connectivity and type, table formats and field names.
- ACCPAC Exchange service – ACCPAC Exchange service replaces traditional VANs, providing a point-to-point secure connection for EDI communication over the Internet.

Communication software – ACCPAC Exchange uses Cyclone® Activator as its communication software. The communication software provides the means to receive and transmit EDI files securely over the Internet and provides AS1 and AS2 compliance.

IBM Business Exchange Services – ACCPAC Exchange utilizes IBM Business Exchange Services as the gateway for all EDI communication. At this point, EDI documents are re-directed to the targeted trading partners either through the Internet, if the trading partner also subscribes to Internet-based EDI service, or through IBM VAN Interconnects, if the trading partner uses the services of a traditional VAN.
- ACCPAC Exchange ASN – Software that meets the container-level requirements set by many trading partners who mandate an Advanced Ship Notice (EDI document # 856) document to be sent before receipt of goods. When integrated with ACCPAC Warehouse Management System (WMS), the information about picked and packed orders can be transferred to the ACCPAC Exchange ASN module automatically. This information includes shipment-tracking number, number of cartons, carton contents, shipment weight, ship-to-address, PO number and so on.
- ACCPAC Exchange Maps – Trading partner specific documents with guaranteed compatibility to their EDI document standards.

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