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ACCPAC CRM is an integrated sales, marketing, customer support and call center automation solution. Designed specifically for the new economy, it completely Internet WAP enabled, providing users access anytime, anywhere via a Web browser or wireless device. integrates with Advantage Series 5.0 Pro 7.0 "out-of-the-box authorized efficient to vital customer, partner related transactional data.

CRM And The Customer Experience

In todayís highly competitive global marketplace, customer loyalty is a key element of business success. Businesses looking to increase profitability must focus on increasing customer satisfaction and retention while reducing unnecessary expenses.

The challenge lies in building and retaining customer loyalty in the modern economy, where shopping around has never been so fast and easy. The Internet allows companies to keep customersí more informed, resulting in increased expectation levels, making it far more difficult to keep them loyal. Previously, companies with deep pockets held a decisive business advantage with the ability to reach more people at greater distances, and at reduced costs. The Internet, and other dramatic technological breakthroughs have created opportunities for small and mid-market businesses to reach out to those same prospects. Companies today must find creative ways to increase customer satisfaction, and the value of the relationship they provide to the client without increasing costs.

Truly customer-centric organizations attempt to ensure that customers have a consistent, satisfying, and personalized experience when interacting with the organization. Regardless of whether they are dealing with representatives from sales, customer care, support, or how they choose to interact with you- face-to-face, by phone, or online through the web or email. Further complicating this business practice is that the tremendous information gathered by modern organizations is scattered across multiple databases in different internal functional organizations such as marketing, customer support, sales, accounting and operations. As a result, most organizations have large quantities of information gathered, but its value is only minimally realized because employees donít have access to all the information needed to provide superior service. ACCPAC CRM, part of the ACCPAC suite of end-to-end e-business management solutions, provides small and medium sized businesses a single portal to all customer information in a single place, while making the information easily accessible to everyone who requires access from the desktop, the Internet, or wireless device. ACCPAC CRM ensures that customers will have a personalized, consistent, and satisfying experience in every contact they have with the company-regardless of where they touch the company or what means of communication they use.

The result is increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and dramatic increases in organizational efficiency, resulting in higher revenues and lower costs.

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