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ACCPAC Options for ACCPAC Plus

Alphabetical Order

Account Code Change:
Easily changes, combines, and copies account codes while still maintaining historical transactions.

Contact Master for Accounts Payable:
Contact Master for A/P keeps important notes about all your ACCPAC Plus A/P vendors and manages your contact with them.

Contact Master for Accounts Receivable:
Contact Master for A/P keeps important notes about all your ACCPAC Plus A/P vendors and manages your contact with them.

Contact Master:
Contact Master for Windows is an enhanced version of our popular DOS product, which keeps important notes about all your ACCPAC Plus A/R customers and manages your contact with them. Use Contact Master's direct link to A/R to view customer information, create new customers, or delete old ones.

Credit Check:
Order Entry will alert you if you are entering an order for a customer who is over their credit limit. With credit Check installed, you will also be alerted if your customer has overdue invoices.

Custom Labels:
With Custom Labels, you can fill out a waybill, create a label, and target your mailings from Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Order Entry. Combine information from ACCPAC with your own custom fields to complete pre-printed waybills, C.O.D. tags, box labels, and more. Custom Labels allows five additional text fields, three additional dollar fields, and two additional date fields.

Customer Number Change:
Easily changes, combines, and copies customer numbers while still maintaining historical transactions.

Display Cost During Invoicing:
Display either the average cost or the most recent cost of an item when entering orders into Order Entry. If the price selected is less than the item's cost, you'll be warned.

EFT Direct Multifile:
EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Direct Multifile is a multi-file consolidation add-on that will combine up to ten company EFT Direct Payables or EFT Direct Payroll files for submission as one file (known as file consolidation or the "piggyback" system) for the same bank.

EFT Direct Payables:
Control when you want to release payments to suppliers using direct deposit. This module eliminates the need to print, mail, and process individual payments.

EFT Direct Payroll:
EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Direct Payroll is a simple, fast, yet powerful to use add-in that allows the processing of direct deposits for all major banks and trust companies in Canada and the United States.

Financial Link Professional:
Financial Link is a Windows-based financial report designer for ACCPAC Plus General Ledger data. Powerful formatting features transform ACCPAC Plus DOS-bound financial data into presentation quality reports. Financial Link is an excellent environment to apply creative ideas to your financial statements without the risk of jeopardizing the integrity of your data.

General Ledger Toolkit:
If you need to clear, change, or repost your G/L data, with complete audit trail, you need the G/L Toolkit.

Increase Decimal Places:
Increase Decimal Places allows you to maintain up to four decimal places in the dollar fields of inventory Control and Order Entry. Your other ACCPAC modules will remain at two decimal places.

Inventory Control Toolkit:
If you need to clear, change or update your Inventory Control data, you need the I/C Toolkit. Included in the I/C Toolkit is Item Number Change, Price/Cost/Discount Quick Change, and Clear Inventory.

Invoice/Sales History:
Use Invoice/Sales History to respond quickly to your customers' inquiries. On one screen you see all invoices and credit note information including line detail. On another screen you see the sales made to a customer, sorted by item number or date, and see sales of an item sorted by customer number or date.

Item Format Change:
Change the number of segments, the length of each segment, the order of the segments, the characters which separate the segments, remove characters, add spaces - all in one simple step.

Item Number Change:
Change, combine and copy item numbers quickly and easily. Just type in the new item number onto the list displayed on the screen.

ODBC Link:
Using popular Windows-based products such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and Lotus 1-2-3, you can gain access to your data in ways never before possible. And because you probably already know and own some of these industry-standard tools, no additional investment in time and money is required.

Order Import:
Order Import allows you to import orders into Order Entry from one of six fixed-format external ASCII files.

Print Invoices by Item/Pick Sequence:
Print Invoices by Item Number, Picking Sequence allows you to print the lines in either item number order or picking sequence order.

Quote Master:
Get complete quote management. Quote Master allows you to enter, print, and transfer quotes to Order Entry on one screen without re-keying any data!

Report Master Professional:
Report Master Professional prints your ACCPAC Plus data in tailored reports, including sorting, summarizing and calculating from any available field.

Stock Transfers Between Items:
In Inventory Control you can transfer stock from one location to another. With Stock Transfers Between Items, you can also transfer between item numbers.

Suppress Zero Quantity Shipped Lines:
Suppress Zero Quantity Shipping Lines on Invoice allows you to exclude zero quantity shipped lines from your invoices.

Vendor Number Change:
Easily changes, combines, and copies vendor numbers while still maintaining historical transactions.

Zippy Import:
Zippy Import provides universal import and export for all text-mode applications such as accounting, spreadsheet, and database.

Zippy Notes:
Zippy Notes allows you to attach an electronic 'sticky' note to a field and the note will pop up whenever anyone accesses the field, even across different applications!

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