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ABAK Benefits

Implementing Abak within your organization will prove beneficial to all:

1. Employees
2. Managers
3. Upper-Managers

1 - Benefits for employees:

Manage your own Time and Expenses;
Manage your own time bank: (vacation, overtime, sick days);
Be constantly aware of your projects' progress;
Enter your own time and expenses locally, remotely or via the Internet;
Find out what you have to do (scheduled events and assigned tasks);
Be assured that your timesheet is received and treated without delay;
Approve your own time and expenses
Track your timesheets and expenses when they've been approved by someone else;
Gain freedom from administrative tasks (save 15 minutes each day);
Concentrate on the essential: doing your job.

2 - Benefits for managers:

Obtain up-to-the-minute real time data on the progress of your projects;
Get an immediate break-down from the big picture of a project to the smallest detail involved via drill down screens;
Efficiently collect and approve timesheets;
Track consultants, vendors and subcontractors;
Establish a default rate and manage exceptions at the project level (function, employee, activity, general);
Perform searches on skills to optimize taskforce use;
Generate a wide range of detailed reports: Budget Control, Works In Progress, tasks completed, Performance analysis, WIP Aging and more;
Manage your resources efficiently and quickly;
Track and monitor projects in "real-time";

3 - Benefits for upper-management (CFO, controllers, administration)

Reduce delays linked to billing processes;
Speed up payment perception;
Avoid under-billing;
Avoid double-entry errors;
Track billable versus non-billable time;
Integrates with your company's accounting system (Easy data transfer and direct integration);
Manage employee time banks: vacation, sick days, overtime, etc;
Customize your invoices;
Evaluate your sub-contractors profitability & cost instantly via up-to-date information;
Customize your reports to meet your company's needs;
Rank, classify and sort tables;
Data communicates with accounts receivable and accounts payable
Generate invoices automatically;
Customize your invoices;
Establish security profiles for all your employees, on all portions of Abak (hide, mask, read-only, forbid duplicates, etc);
Abak adapts to your needs with user defined fields;
Bridge the gap between ERP, Project Management, Payroll and Accounting applications;
Integrates seamlessly with MS Project (Full two-way between Abak and MS Project);

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