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Applicant Manager

applicantmanagerpic Keep track of your applicant information with HR Series Applicant Manager — a powerful tool that allows you to accurately record applicant information and make informed decisions.

Applicant Information

- Name, address, date applied and applicant ID
- Multiple phone numbers and e-mail addresses
- Notes with multiple note types such as interview notes and reference notes (i.e., store resume text)
- File Attachments (HR Series Enterprise Edition only) — attach files such as the original resume or application to the applicant's record
- Previous employers
- References
- Skills
- Position applied for and hiring manager
- Recruiting events tracking
- EEO Information
- Hiring Wizard transfers the applicant information into the Employee Manager program in HR Series, including notes, attachments and custom fields

Customize Applicant Manager to meet your needs

Applicant Manager also includes a Customization Wizard to customize and extend the capabilities of Applicant Manager. The Customization Wizard gives you the ability to create an unlimited variety of custom tabs.

Built-in Report Wizard makes it easy to create reports

The Report Wizard makes it easy to create a variety of reports by answering simple multiple-choice questions.

- Select exactly the information you would like on the report
- Customize the reports with options like sorting and subtotaling
- Use advanced options such as criteria matching to select which applicants to include on a report (i.e., show me all applicants who applied within the last month and are proficient in Microsoft® Word)
- Export the report to Microsoft Excel with the click of a button

HR Series Applicant Manager requires HR Series Corporate or Enterprise Edition Core Module

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