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ACCPAC HR Series Alerts Library

Create a More Responsive Organization by Monitoring Changing Business Conditions

Alerts enhance communications from your company's back office, front office and e-commerce systems by monitoring data fields for specified activity. When encountered, the program automatically communicates that activity to appropriate customers, employees, and business partners. Alerts provide a voice to the data that is locked away in corporate database applications!

With the Alerts Library you can:

- Monitor date—and time—sensitive events.
- Check status of data, such as credit holds, inventory thresholds, sales ratios, urgency levels and priority client transactions.
- Merge data into email messages.
- Pass data, files, and messages to the next person in the pipeline.

Following are the alerts that come with the ACCPAC HR Series Alerts Library:
Acceptance of Address or Name Change
Anniversary Listing
Birthday Listing
Bonus Pay Notification
Clear the Log after 2 days
COBRA Payment Overdue
Employee Birthday Card
Employees Turning 65
I-9 Expired Listing
I-9 Not Complete
I-9 Verification (30 days)
I-9 Verification (60 days)
I-9 Verification (90 days)
Monthly Phone Listing to Supervisor
New Hire Eligibility
New Hire Forms
Notification of Leave Taken
Old Picture
Overage Dependents
Payroll Notification of Employment Change
Payroll Notification of Job Change
Payroll Notification of New Hire
Payroll Notification of Personal Info Change
Payroll Notification of Salary Change
Performance Review
Returning from FMLA
Termination Process
W4 Not Complete

Note that the ACCPAC Alerts Server is required to run the HR Series Alerts Library

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