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ACCPAC HR Series Payroll Link

Integration with ADP PC/Payroll for Windows

If your company is using ACCPAC Advantage Series Payroll or ADP® PC/Payroll for Windows, then Payroll Link is a great solution — providing you a single place to maintain all your employee data by automating the synchronization of HR Series and your payroll module. In addition, Payroll Link makes it easy to get up and running with HR Series. If you already have your employee data in Advantage Series or ADP, Payroll Link will automatically transfer all that information into HR Series. This will save you hours of work re-keying your employee information.

HR Series includes extensive benefits functionality and automatically calculates benefit deductions. Payroll Link takes this one step further by automatically transferring payroll deductions to Advantage Series or ADP.

Note: To work with ADP, Payroll Link requires that you subscribe to ADP PC/Payroll’s "ReportSmith" or "Enhanced Data Access" features. Also, you must have version 2.5, 3.0 or 3.1 of PC/Payroll.

Audit Logging

All changes to the Advantage Series or PC/Payroll databases that are generated by the Employee Transfer Wizard and the Benefit Deductions Transfer Wizard are recorded in an audit log. You can print a report of each kind of transfer Payroll Link has accomplished or you can view or print a history of changes from the point of view of each employee.

HR Series Payroll Link requires HR Series Corporate or Enterprise Edition Core Module.


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