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Service Manager provides you with an effective means to plan, control, organize, operate, and manage the products and services that your business has to offer.

Major functional areas in Service Manager include...









· Service Manager caters for various service agreement types including site service level agreements, meter and warranty agreements.
· A customer can have many agreements. An agreement can cover many sites, each site can have multiple equipment, and an agreement can cover the entire site or specific equipment.
· Agreement s take full advantage of the functionality offered by the job system and equipment can be billed separately on an agreement to track life-profitability.
· You can specify whether to cover standard, labor, contract services or parts from inventory. Define the level of cover on a scale of 0% to 100% so that when a service or item is added to a job it is automatically charged, or covered under the agreement contract. You can set the contract to no cover for situations such as abuse at any time.
· Define response prioritization to ensure rapid and timely response for customers that require critical support.
· You can track the agreement status as being active, suspended or expired as well as specifying the commencement date, the period of cover, and a review date.
· View and analyze agreement revenue, costs and profitability at any time. A warning facility exists to notify you when costs exceed a defined percentage of the revenue billed to date on the agreement.
· The notations and user defined custom field functions are featured in agreements.
· User-definable usage agreements are also available. Examples of these types of contracts include tracking a specified block of labor time, or the number of incidents allowed.
· Fully automated recurring billing functions include user-definable frequencies. Agreement billing can be automatically escalated on renewal.
· Automatic standing journals can be created to amortize agreement revenue to the G/L.
· Meter agreements can be setup to cover equipment and to bill contract s based on usage. These can be applied to motor vehicles, office equipment, heavy machinery, pumps, aircraft, electricity meters, water meters and other types of equipment. Special formulae can be created for billing purposes.
· Warranty Agreements can be created to allow you to recoup fees for all work performed under warranty where you act as agent for a vendor or manufacturer’s equipment. Billing can be accumulated to the end of the month so that one claim for all work performed during that month can be submitted. Claim information can be transferred online or exported as required to vendor/manufacturer specification.

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