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Service Manager provides you with an effective means to plan, control, organize, operate, and manage the products and services that your business has to offer.

Major functional areas in Service Manager include...








Return Authorizations

Return Authorizations (RA) are managed by the system for both returns by customers as well as to suppliers.
RAs can be created for existing serialized equipment, miscellaneous equipment or inventory items. New equipment can be quickly created on the fly during the receipting process.
Each RA can have multiple equipment.
Equipment information on an RA includes warranty details, notations, accessories returned, fault registrations, shipment tracking and history.
Equipment on an RA can be received or dispatched back on multiple shipment documents and the tracking process allows for expected, received and returned steps for both the customer and vendor side of the transaction.
Email or fax RA documents to customers or suppliers or log and check an RA online via the internet.
RA statuses are automatically updated by the system during the RA cycle. There is a master RA status as well as individual equipment line status.
RAs can be processed either on a job or stand-alone without using the job system, which allows for demarcation of responsibilities.
Items can be returned to inventory, and loans or exchange/rotation equipment can be tracked.

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