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Service Manager provides you with an effective means to plan, control, organize, operate, and manage the products and services that your business has to offer.

Major functional areas in Service Manager include...









As one of the most important resources of your business, it is vital that your employees are effectively utilized, tracked and managed.
Service Manager not only records static information such as name and contact details but also information such as skill-set s, custom fields, commission rates, workgroup allocations, and G/L segment overrides where applicable.
Track resource utilization, profit ability, non-billable time, and unallocated time.
A visual labor and job planner allows you to view workloads, plan ahead, allocate resources, manage conflict s, check maintenance resource requirements, and reschedule employees / jobs. Drag and drop tools allow for easy on-screen editing.
Management tools allow you to find employees for a specified time, with a desired skill-set and in a particular area to locate and book the appropriate person for the job.
Employee history is maintained for statistical analysis of profit ability, productivity and performance.
A number of different mechanisms are provided for the processing of time against employees.
A Time Recorder can be used in-house or in the field to record actual times, these can be compared to estimates and variance report s can be printed for review. Alternatively, simply enter labor charges direct to the job.
A spreadsheet style time entry grid allows each employee to process their own time sheets. Time Entries can be verified by a manager and approved before being retrieved into a job for billing. This process can also be performed in batch across multiple employees and jobs.
Import facilities are available to allow you to import time entries from other time-capturing systems.

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