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Service Manager provides you with an effective means to plan, control, organize, operate, and manage the products and services that your business has to offer.

Major functional areas in Service Manager include...









Equipment are assets that your company services and maintains. These can be your own internal equipment or customer owned equipment.
Equipment is created from a Model. Models define default Equipment settings:
Warranty start and end dates
Response priority
Maintenance requirements
Unlimited default Custom Fields
Components *
* Components are defined as pieces of equipment and can have their own serial numbers, warranty , and response priorities.
Each piece of equipment is recorded as a unique item with it s own serial number. Indexed search tools allow you to quickly create new jobs or find existing equipment by serial number.
All service dates, including installed, last serviced, next service, logged, and fault registrations are stored with each equipment.
A comprehensive history is maintained for all equipment. This contains all faults, items supplied, labor charges, agreement cover details, notations, warranty claims / return authorizations, all in a complete chronological audit trail of activity.
Ascertain life-cycle financial profitability for equipment with full statistical analysis
Each Equipment can have its own status.
Equipment may be transferred to another customer or location. Equipment history details are maintained during transfer.
Maintenance schedules can be created to manage the service cycles of equipment. Equipment can be assigned to multiple maintenance schedules. Templates can be defined for easy creation of maintenance jobs and recurring billing. Maintenance schedule timing can be based on many criteria. These include dates, meter readings, or specific conditions such as time since last service or every n months....
Meters can be attached to equipment.
Meter readings can be based on usage such as distance traveled, hours worked, tons moved, copies made, etc....
Each meter will track the last and current readings together with the usage. These can be used for contract billing and planned maintenance.
Meter processing tools are available for bulk-processing of meter readings.
Online meter readings allow your employees and customers to update readings over the internet.

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