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Service Manager provides you with an effective means to plan, control, organize, operate, and manage the products and services that your business has to offer.

Major functional areas in Service Manager include...








Online Solutions

· Allow your employees to stay in touch and transact live from the field, using mobile devices such as smart telephones, PDA’s, or portable notebook computers.
· Some of the online live services available include:
· Adding services or items to jobs
· Adding notations to jobs
· Changing job status
· Changing job priority or advising response time
· Invoicing the job
· Quoting
· Checking the Fault Analyzer for symptoms, faults or solutions
· Looking up customer history or credit status
· Looking up equipment history
· Checking equipment custom fields
· Revising equipment serial numbers
· Checking work schedules and task lists
· Listing your jobs for today
· Checking agreement information
· Taking meter readings and updating equipment records....
· Integration to ACCPAC CRM is seamless. Your support and sales staff can view Service Manager information directly from within the CRM module. Check equipment or site history , update job status or priority , check profit ability and more....
· Service Manager’s online solutions utilize the Microsoft .NET development technology. A TCP/IP connection is required. Services such as GPRS, CDMA, 802.1 1B, and other mediums are supported. Login over the internet, your intranet, or in the field with your handheld port able devices.
· Operating systems such as Windows XP , Palm OS, Windows CE, Windows PC 2003 and Symbian are supported. Most mainstream devices running these operating systems are compatible.
· Multiple encryption protocols can be implemented to suite your needs and protect your data.
· Add new online employees as demand requires.
· Service Manager is fully scalable ensuring your business growth is not compromised.
· Microsoft IIS with .NET Framework required.
· Allow your customers to request service online, check an existing job status, equipment status, agreement history or simply update cont act information.

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