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Service Manager provides you with an effective means to plan, control, organize, operate, and manage the products and services that your business has to offer.

Major functional areas in Service Manager include...








Query Tools

Empower your organization with tools to easily search for and report on history and activity for customers and their equipment.
Review and modify historic jobs. Use the Query program to find the jobs scheduled for today, those for a particular employee, by status, by job type, unassigned jobs, late jobs and much more.... Save and reuse these queries, or return them to the job system or job scheduler to be actioned or followed up.
Comprehensive financial statistics allow you to analyze trends within your business. Trend analysis in Service Manager can highlight the need to:
Re-distribute employee or equipment resources
Identify hot spot (profit/loss) areas
Determine how successful an advertising campaign has been
Focus on particular international markets
Focus on certain industries or sectors
Focus on certain zones
Recognize your top earning 20% of customers....
Print job cards, equipment labels, picking slips, invoices, credit notes, quotations, and contracts. These forms can be customized to suit stationery requirements and company methodology.
There are over 100 reports and forms to choose from which are constantly being added to. Industry standard reporting tools such as Crystal Reports may be used to create new reports and edit existing reports and forms.

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