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Service Manager provides you with an effective means to plan, control, organize, operate, and manage the products and services that your business has to offer.

Major functional areas in Service Manager include...









· Accumulating information about fault s and providing easy access to that information allows you to simply, quickly and profitably deal with service requests.
· Service Manager‘s Fault Analyzer allows you to diagnose and resolve problems, and record information in a knowledge base for future reference. The analyzer consists of three components: symptoms, faults and solutions. Create new symptoms, fault s or solutions as required or import them from a manufacturer database.
· Each fault is linked to a model, and the search engine provides a powerful mechanism to locate relevant information from data accumulated from job activity or manual input.
· Take a support call. Type in a symptom and locate the possible cause of the problem and how to resolve it.
· Alternatively an engineer/technician maybe working on equipment either in-house or in the field and refer to the Fault Analyzer for the relevant solution.
· Solutions can be linked to reference information such as web sites, documents or manuals.
· Preassign templates to solutions to automatically load relevant labor services or parts required to fix the problem when that solution is selected.
· For each solution, specify degrees of difficulty, custom fields, and employee skill sets required to implement that solution.

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